Tanishka Forum

110,000 members and growing. Spread across 35 districts and every taluka (administrative division) in the state of Maharashtra
Over 10,000 success stories of Grassroots Level Transformation.

A woman to woman community network that is committed to the cause of upholding women’s dignity and mainstreaming their role and responsibility in the social and economic transformation of our nation.
Founded on April 11, 2013, this network today has a membership base of almost 110,000 members and is growing in a robust manner. Currently the network is based in Maharashtra, India.
Considering the social and economic profile of women in India there was a real need to create a platform for women which could mobilize, galvanize and empower women in three critical areas.

By creating a formal process of engagement intra-group as well as inter-group, the network becomes a platform of heterogeneous exchange of ideas & solutions thereby creating pathways for social outcomes that allow women to become socially mobile and empowered.

By creating a market place, identifying and fostering special skills, encouraging entrepreneurship, identifying mentors and in the future creating a angel investment platform Tanishka Forum will create a financial empowerment platform.

By nurturing leadership, educating and informing them of local issues and carefully monitoring block level policy formulation and development, women can be politically empowered to solve extra-house issues that affect them. Some of the women members are already hold formal leadership positions and through inter-group communications many more can be enabled to take up leadership roles and responsibilities.

Key features of Tanishka Forum
  • Grassroots network
  • Spread across each and every district (35) in Maharashtra with representation from every Taluka
  • Currently 1,10,000 members and growing
  • Diverse and inclusive
  • Represents minorities, backward and tribal communities
  • Represents urban and rural communities
  • Operates through groups of 20 members called ‘Forums’
  • 24/7 communication backbone through call center
  • 10,000 Phenomenal success stories of grass roots level transformations

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